Evil Beaver
Evil Beaver By playing pure and simple rock & roll, Evie Evil has become a figurehead for straight up ballsy rawk. Evil Beaver's brand of rock & roll is loud and stripped-down, with overpowering hooks, a combination of Motorhead's tough sinewy image and beat, AC/DC chords and rock hooks. The band is lead by the nefarious Evie Evil, who adheres both to rock tradition and break it. She plays classic three chord rock & roll, and plays with a defiant sneer. From the first release "Lick It" in 2000, to 2007's just released "Enlightening Without Dazzling"/”2 Berne Live” Evil Beaver continues to push the boundaries of kick ass rock & roll. In 1999 Evil Beaver was formed in Chicago by Evil Evil. Soon after they quickly connected with Grammy-nominated producer Dave Trumfio (Billy Bragg and Wilco, the Breeders), to independently release their first two records, 2000's "Lick It", and "Pleased to Eat You" in 2003. These records did respectable well as independent releases, leading to future releases with EBONA/E. Lago Entertainment Group International. In March of 2006 a follow up E.P., "Models of Virtue" featured a significant lineup change opposite of Evie with new drummer Gene "Honey B" Trautmann (Queens of the Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal) that garnered much attention. This year is yet another prolific one, along with the addition of new monster killer rock metal master drummer John "Jojo Beav” Jones. This year so far has seen the release of "In the Spirit of Resilient Optimism" in January, that's a more traditional rock & roll record than the punky earlier releases, yet it certainly retains those previous record's defiant attitude, as well as the just released double album "Enlightening Without Dazzling"/"2 Berne Live" which includes four new original studio tracks; including "Numb" featuring Queen B aka Evie Evil on drums, and a cover of Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas". The second title is an eight song live recording of a particularly amazingly brilliant performance in Berne, Switzerland on September 28th, 2006. With an unmistakable sound and loud leather charm, Evil Beaver has forged into a not-too-miss live experience. Fans are able to see Evil Beaver live, performing over 100 times a year all over the world, what is turning into a live global phenomenon. Evil Beaver has shared the stage with a diversity of musical groups including; 400 Blows, Bell Rays, Chevelle, Fu Manchu, The Gossip, Imperial Teen, Lightning Bolt, Millionaire, Nina Hagen, Peg Boy, Rasputina, Shellac, The Tossers, The White Stripes. ***“Evil Beaver's music transforms a room from moody minimalism to lusty furor."- LA Weekly*** ***"When the Bass is turned up to 11 watch out!" -Time Out New York*** ***"...raucous stage presence and killer tunes." -Chicago Tribune*** About "M.O.V."... ****Just in time for the rites of spring, EVIL BEAVER sends their “Models of Virtue EP” - Four songs that shoot from the hip, self styled slacker rock on the verge of combustion. Great stuff for rolling around in broken glass and other fun activities. -New York Waste About "I.T.S.O.R.O"... ****Evil Evil's fuzzed out bass still resides front and center, delivering thick slabs of post - Sabbath sludge with facelift tight efficiency. Evie splatter - paints turgid bass runs and subversive hooks all over songs like "Hands of Fate", "Cracked", and " Young Coconut". - Illinois Entertainer