Exmortus The beginnings of Exmortus can be traced back to a dusty garage in a southeast suburb of LA in early 2002. Formed by Jadran (lead guitar) and Mario (drums), two cousins with a passion for true heavy metal and thrash, Exmortus quickly took shape and began playing their first shows that same year. With influences ranging from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Slayer, Exmortus immediately stood out amongst the local Whittier, CA scene, which consisted mostly of nu-metal and metalcore bands. Being the only local teenage band playing old school metal posed its challenges but the band’s focus on guitar-oriented heavy metal, the likes of which had not been seen in LA for many years, could not go ignored.

What started as a show every other month became a show once a month until Exmortus found themselves dominating the suburban LA metal scene almost every weekend. Within a year and a half of the band’s creation, they had become a staple and a huge draw in their local Whittier scene. Bolstered by their rapidly growing fan base and increasingly large live shows, Exmortus entered the studio for the first time in early 2004 to record their first demo, entitled "Onward to Battle”. As the demo proliferated amongst fans and word of their guitar prowess spread, Exmortus’ live shows continued to increase in size and regularity, spreading throughout the heart of LA and its numerous suburbs.

Throughout 2005 and 2006 the band continued their non-stop gigging all over LA county. From clubs to backyards to basements, Exmortus continued their live campaign against false metal, sometimes as often as two shows a night back to back, twice a weekend. As their demand grew, so did the venues in which they would perform such as the Whisky, The Troubadour, The Knitting Factory, El Rey Theatre and The Galaxy Theatre. Festival appearances soon followed at events such as PowerProgWest, California Metal Fests I & II, and Renstock. Exmortus had made a name for themselves in the LA Metal underground. Opening spots abounded and the band found themselves playing direct support to headliners such as Necrophagist, Agent Steele, Nevermore, Hirax, Hallows Eve, Flotsam & Jetsam, Sadus, Testament and others.

During this time, the band’s line-up would continue to evolve to meet the demands of their technical songwriting. By early 2007, Exmortus had shed their long-time vocalist and second guitarist. With bassist Balmore stepping up to also assume vocal duties, the band recruited top local lead guitar talent Tak Arayan, formerly of LA area band Rattlehead. Finally feeling as though they had assembled the perfect unit, the reinvigorated Exmortus once again hit the studio to record the core of what will be their debut album entitled "In Hatred's Flames".

Exmortus are an entity amongst themselves and their music, both complex and thoroughly hook-laden, refuses to lend itself to easy categorization. From their technical death-thrash riffage and surgically precise drumming to their neo-classical, twin virtuoso lead guitar attack, their appeal is vast. Fans of death metal, thrash, prog metal, traditional heavy metal and all true metal sub-genres alike enjoy having their craniums crushed by Exmortus.

Now partnered with the quickly-rising New York metal powerhouse Heavy Artillery Records, Exmortus prepare to take their metal domination worldwide with the release of “In Hatred’s Flame” scheduled for April 2008. False metallers beware, Exmortus are heavily armed and they have come to destroy!