Atlas Sound
Atlas Sound "A largely ambient meditation on romantic obsession full of densely layered electronics and guitars that sound as if they were beamed in from some haunted parallel universe." The Fader

4AD is thrilled to announce the release of ’Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel’ by Atlas Sound on May 5th. We have licensed the album outside North America from Kranky and the 4AD version will be distinguished by an additional disc of new material. There will be an extensive European tour throughout May to coincide. Atlas Sound is the solo moniker of 25 year old Deerhunter frontman / provocateur Bradford Cox. It is also the earliest incarnation for his musical adventures. Although “ Let the Blind …” is the Georgian’s debut album, the genesis of this music can be traced back to when Bradford was a kid, more specifically when in sixth grade ; a time when he discovered through reading a Beck interview that his family’s disused karaoke machine could be used as a rudimentary multi-tracking device. Furthermore, the darker childhood experience of spending an entire summer on a children’s hospital ward undergoing operations also (understandably) plays a pivotal part in colouring his music. Bradford is everything with Atlas Sound and what you hear is a complex, expansive bedroom recording. Totally absorbed and working at a prolific rate, he channels a stream of consciousness, leaving the scorched beauty of his vocals raw and untreated. Bradford cites the “ideas that I can’t make work with a five piece rock band,” as the basis of his solo work and unrestricted, he makes a currently unparalleled meld of garage rock and ambient electronics. ’Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel’ is a serious body of work that manages to combine seemingly incongruous sound elements to make a wonderfully cohesive pop narrative. It is also undoubtedly one of the year’s first truly great albums.