The Sound of Urchin
The Sound of Urchin The Sound of Urchin is an "arena"-style hard guitar-rock band with an extremely loyal national "outsider-rock" following, leading die-hards to lovingly describe Urchin’s music as “Outsider Arena-Rock”. SOU are from Brooklyn NY & New Hope PA and are known for their legendary completely out-of-control live shows, with an energetic, passionate and aggressive old-school rock n' roll power attitude from the band and crowd, singing along to the classic Urchin anthems; but Urchin’s sound is diverse, based on the song, and can go from sweet twisted pop to brutal metal rock. The SOU circus is lead by a mental adrenaline-filled singing drummer named Tomato... and has two lead guitarists, B-ILL and Robbie Seahag, who are guitar legends in their own right... and all the chaos is held together by bassist Michael Davidson with his scary clown tattoos and growling bass. SOU has released albums on RCA Records and Hybrid Recordings, and is currently looking for the proper way to release their finished new album, "Rejoice", given the unstable record business we have come to know these days. SOU'S "REJOICE" IS THE RETURN OF THE GUITAR ROCK ALBUM! It is a 16 track roller coaster ride, laid out like a well-produced Urchin live show of new material! SOU's last album, "The Diamond", produced a minor college radio cult hit "There Are People in The Clouds" which was performed live on the CBS Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, as well as producing great press such as feature article in Metal Edge magazine, as well as articles in Spin, Rolling Stone, Guitar World, among many others. Urchin have spent the past 3 years headlining their own U.S. club tours, but in the past has also toured with Tenacious D, Ween, Mike Watt, Dio/Scorpions/Deep Purple, Cracker, Slightly Stoopid, North Mississippi Allstars, and more, plus played festivals like X-Games, Gravity Games, Berkfest, to name a few. The members of SOU come from the Ween family of musicians, and also play in Dean Ween's/Dickie Moist’s "The Moistboyz", as well as with Zappa Alumni in "Project Object". SOU IS NOT A COOKIE CUTTER TYPE BAND, like is in all genres of music these days... SOU make their own music from their own experience, personalities and creativity... and is always searching for new songs... That is the SOUND of Urchin right there.