J.E. Borgen
J.E. Borgen J.E.Borgen’s musical education started in the kitchen at the age of five when his mother would sing along to her old folk records of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan. The power of those icons resonated within and from that moment on Borgen explored the depths of self-expression through music. The son of a proud Norwegian immigrant, J.E. was taught during his early years to always pursue his dreams and passions in life. He took the words spoken by his father to heart and after graduating from college in Vermont and working in Colorado for a non profit foundation, he decided to take a chance on his love of music. His watershed moment came when he traveled the country on a tour bus as a guitar tech for the band Dispatch. It was through that winding experience that Borgen first began to concretely mold his own sense of creative writing and penchant for entertaining. Ultimately, that event spring boarded him onto the campus of Berklee College of Music in Boston where J.E. pursued studies in songwriting and guitar. Completing his education in 2005, Borgen currently lives in Boston writing, producing, and performing – out there on a limb with his guitar, his voice, and his passion.

Through reflective lyrics and soulful melodies, Jon-Erik’s songwriting and poignant voice draw upon his past heroes. His music is an eclectic taste of folk-groove with the influences of rock, Americana, and jazz – built on the foundation of Neil Young, The Beatles, Bob Marley, 10,000 Maniacs, Mark Knopfler, Dave Matthews, and Wilco. With his debut record, Outside, released independently in 2004, Borgen materialized as a refreshingly creative persona among his peers. His new release The General Store continues to honestly portray the stories of his life with an edge that speaks to the masses. Along with his group, The J.E.Borgen Band, Jon-Erik continues to draw wide appeal and a strong grassroots following that spreads from the shores of the Northeast to heights of the Western Rocky Mountains.