Luanjie Luanjie is a 3 piece band from Buffalo NY, and has existed in one form or another for a little over eight years now. The band currently consists of Cameron James on guitar, vocals and synths, Andy Steiner on bass, vocals and harmonica, and Ryan Rindfleisch rockin' the drums. Luanjie was originally made up of Cameron, Andy and Joe Gawlak on the drums. These three came to be as a result of many jam sessions with other local musicians starting around their senior year at Clarence High School. Eventually, the three found they had a certain connection and began practicing and writing regularly in the summer of 2003 under the name "The Groove Junkies." It was this connection, along with a unique style of writing, which was to take pieces of many different improvisations in different genres and arrange them into songs, that inspired them to adopt the new name Luanjie (Lew-on-G). Luanjie is the chinese word for "Connection Through Chaos," and that's exactly what they are today. The sound they have cultivated is a mixture of jamband/indie/progressive rock with overtones of extreme funk. Some have described the sound as "funk-rock". Their debut album "Cow Punch" was recorded and mixed by Cam and Andy at FLCC's recording studio, where they both majored in audio recording technology, and features Joe Gawlak on drums. In 2008 Joe left the band to pursue other interests, and after much searching, Ryan became the new full-time drummer. Luanjie is in the process of recording a new album with Ryan on drums, and is currently taking these new songs (as well as the old) to a Buffalo bar near you!