Foster McGinty
Foster McGinty The title of "power trio" proves to be a fitting decription for Foster McGinty and his eastern european backline. Fuzzy guitar whales rumoring the likes of Hendrix and Clapton over jazzy drums and walking bass, thus creating a kinsmenship with the ghost of the last sixties. The sound is retro no doubt about that, as retro as crushed velvet and beatle boots, however McGinty's vision projects a futuristic ora leading the way for those psychedelic under tones. The songs have shape, the tones are are thick, and the grooves exhibit taste and dimension. Both Nedelchev and Dimitrov are schooled musicians at the Brooklyn Music Conservitory and share a strong bond outside of music. Needless to say both points prove to be a positive contribution. The two build a strong backbone for McGinty's imagination and vision to venture stray from the beaten path leading the way for what he likes to call their combination of river side funk, booze blues, fuzz and 1967. Music is a spoken and language and these three speak it in a unique manor. This is the kind of music that takes care of ones soul!