The Dot Line Projekt
The Dot Line Projekt Dot Line Projekt is a balanced fusion of its member's collective talent, musical education, and creativity partnered with a strong core support system and the unconditional family love generated from the dedicated Dot Line Tribe community. The Dot Line sound is a unique blend of Psychedelic Power Grooves, Rock'n Roll, and Improv Jams with Intention. The original music is defined by their cutting edge sound and insightfully clever lyrics teamed with carefully adapted of the bands influences . The Dot Line show experience provides an uncommon visual element through its own homegrown lighting and custom backdrops, however, it is the overall Vibe of the show which leaves the most accurate impression of what the Dot Line Projekt is truly about.

The Dot Line Projekt was formed from the College meetings between lead guitarist Christopher Ricker, Micheal Andrews, and drummer Bradford Hilyer in 2007. Critter, Beetle, and Scooter then found original bassist Phil Abbate to round out the group. Weekly gathering and all night farm jams soon followed and the Dot Line Tribe was born.

In 2007 at Woodridge Studios their first recordings were created during one of the Friday Night Jams they would attend. 2008 saw the departure of bassist Phil Abbate and the addition of current bassist John Wallace. 2009 was a defining year as the band saw great progress while defining its sound, introducing new original material, and also completing its lineup with the addition of vocalist/keyboard wizard Asher McKinney.

2010 is posed to be a very progress year for the band. Already signed to perform at Floyd Fest 9, Morph Jam 2, and Hoopee Jam 2 the band plans to add much more to the calender including more regional shows, as well as, additional festival appearances. Dot Line Projekt is a strong believer in collaborations as fans saw in 2009 with shared bills that include groups such as The Ralph Roddenbery Band, Electric Codpiece, and TOYTV in 2009 they will continue to do more of the same. The band also hopes to be releasing their next CD before the year concludes as well.