Gone Greg Ginn doesn’t believe in categories or boundaries when it comes to his music. Sure, he was the founding member and guitarist of the infamous band Black Flag, but he loves jazz, techno and has a profound respect for Jerry Garcia.

Epic Trilogy, the latest release from Gone, is the bands’ tenth album in more than 20 years, and the first to be released on SST Records since 1998’s Country Dumb. Epic Trilogy hits the ground running in true Gone fashion, blending heavy guitar with funky, jazz infused chords and an edgy, surfer punk vibe. The driving repetition is almost hypnotic, but then, dramatically, it cuts to a groove that puts the FU in funk.

This time around, Gone is made up of Ginn on guitar and bass, Andy Batwinas (Hor, Screw Radio) on keys and percussion, and Drummer (yep, that’s his name) on... well, drums. Though traditionally an instrumental band, Epic Trilogy features guest vocalist HR (Bad Brains, Human Rights) in a crafty background style that you will have to hear for yourself to fully capture the dynamic.