Tittsworth From a performance aspect, Tittsworth has continuously dominated decks at a plate-a-minute's pace. His diverse, high energy sets seamlessly blend club, rock, rave, house, hip-hop, and other guilty pleasures. He has grossly exceeded promoter expectations from Europe and South America, down to the Mid West. Titts has performed in the heart of London, wrapping lines around the colossal Scala. He plays at Fabric regularly (one of Europe's finest) as well as London's massively popular station Kiss FM. In addition he remains a regular favorite in Scandinavia and both Eastern and Western Canada. Titts sells out in Sao Paulo, providing their best nights to date. Recently following his Australian debut, Tittsworth was asked to join the massive summer festivals. Responsible for breaking club music globally, he has headlined many successful genre debuts. In 2007 Tittsworth was personally invited by DJ Craze to play Bass Sessions, Miami. Soon thereafter, he was asked to join the Contagious Musiq roster (featuring a long list of A-list talent like Goldie, Jazzy Jeff, A-trak, etc). He is now part of Bass Sessions alongside Craze and Klever with dates stretching worldwide.

Titts sets have been religiously grouped amongst the best that many (popular tour stop) cities have experienced. His MTV live appearance alongside label mate DJ Ayres can be seen here. He is listed as one of URB’s NEXT 100 (forthcoming, 2007). From heavy-weight industry parties to regular international appearances, Titts provides consistently energetic sets and memorable club experiences.

Tittsworth has released 7 critically acclaimed club records, selling out within months of release. In 2007 his records ranked 1, 3 and 20 in TurntableLab's top (vinyl) sales (one of, if not the most prestigious stateside shops for cutting edge dance and hip-hop). Even in a day of declining vinyl sales, his EP's sell out in a matter of weeks.. He has produced with/for Pitbull, Nina Sky, Kid Sister, DJ Assault, and many more. From Fader to XLR8R to The Wire, his production continues to gain high praise worldwide. Other releases include:

“Ayres and Titties” on Money Studies. A mega mix CD on one of NY/LA’s most prestigious indies. Also a personal favorite to adult industry star Nadia Styles & praised by URB Magazine.

“TnA Breaks” on Ammo." Unique battle record concept & remixing tool released by A-trak, Kanye West’s DJ. Out of stock immediately, top seller in digital and analogue formats.

Recently signed to Plant Music for an all original and internationally distributed album. To be released by Stretch Armstrong and Dominique (of The Glass).

His productions and mixes receive heavy attention, from blogs to A-list DJ's. Countless celebrities reach out for new Tittsworth tracks, from Gorillaz producers and Z-Trip, to DJ AM and the band Good Charlotte. His "success is the culmination of his numerous appearances on top 10 lists and play lists, as well as critical praise for his releases... so, keep a look out"