DreamZ Fleetwood Mac
DreamZ Fleetwood Mac DreamZ is a band that came together to do justice to one of the best 70's & 80's classic rock band to ever hit the stage. DreamZ has been rocking the clubs ever since.

Starr Williams (lead singer) started putting the band together last August (2007) from an idea that GodZ n' GunZ former bass player, Glenn Curtis had. He told Starr, she had a great voice and should use that talent to put a tribute band together. After several suggestions, Fleetwood Mac came main stage. Starr put out the word about the band and everyone started wanting to jump aboard. She looked mostly in the local area for artists that had the same interest and eventually DreamZ came to fruition. The idea was thought to be so good, that Glenn Curtis later joined the band. Starr decided that a Fleetwood Mac tribute band would allow for other great talent to be showcased, as well as her own.

Each veteran player brings their spirit to recreate, with incredible authenticity, the sound and feel of Fleetwood Mac. With the solo hits of Stevie Nicks as part of the show, the harmonies and instrumentation and on-stage chemistry surprise and captivate audiences all over. Starr, being a sound tech for 7 years at Emerald Productions, makes sure the shows run smooth. Starr brings to life the vocal style and look of Stevie Nicks. In fact, she is often called a dead ringer for Stevie (although Starr does not see that but loves wearing the outfits).

Pouring every ounce of energy into all their vocals, DreamZ holds the audiences attention everywhere they play. The great harmonies along with the stage energy make them a no miss in concert. Glenn Curtis on Bass, is a very experience player and has written and won songwritting contests. He has been in plethora of very popular bands like 7 Ten, GodZ N' GunZ, and Premonition. Glenn helps hold down the signature John McVie style. Drummer, Jason Martin, masters Mick Fleetwood’s driving rhythms to perfection. Jason helps to fully recreate the bursting intensity of Fleetwood Mac. Jason has played in quite a few popular local bands, such as Musical Saw Cobblestone Wine Starlight Motel. Jason’s strengths include being a drum teacher currently teaching at Ribinos in Merrillville, IN. He also has a background jazz. Lead Guitarist, Danny Clay is also a talent to be reckoned with. He puts licks together like no other making it sound like he is playing two guitars-- Lindsey Buckingham would be proud. Danny’s background includes: Chasing Fear, Sanities Edge, and Undertow. He plays rifts as good as Steve Vie (who is one of his mentors). Keyboardist Bob Baldwin, whom sat in with some of the other top bands in the region, was asked to join the group. He does not have Christy McVie’s looks or female voice, but with his great keystrokes and own very distinct voice, he adds to the vocal harmonies and completes the Fleetwood Mac sound.

Starr has been writing lyrics for most of her life, with some number one hits under her belt she wrote for other artist. She has written over 800 songs and is finishing a book of 1000 songs and poems. The whole group has great talent in song writing and together they are putting originals together to play in the local clubs. Additionally, they will be putting a CD out of their works collectively as a band and individually to showcase each songwriter’s talent.

Although some of the original members have changed, the line-up has placed DreamZ as one of the top bands in the region. They now do justice to classic rock songs from all of our favorite eras, along with Fleetwood Macs biggest hits. Not only does DreamZ play Fleetwood Mac, they also play a wide range of music from the 70's to today. Some to mention are, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Heart, Led Zeppelin and so much more. If they are in your area, come out and enjoy the evening and be ready to dance. It is always a packed dance floor at one of the DreamZ shows. With new dance tunes from The Cars, Cheap Trick, The Smithereens, Bon Jovi, Robert Palmer, T-Rex, Blondie, REO, Journey, 3 Doors Down, Melissa Etheridge, INXS, Talking Heads, Billy Squire, Led Zepplin, Tina Turner and Janice Joplin to name a few, you will be sure to hear something you like.

Each one of the players have their own My Space accounts and you can add them as your friend and read up on their own personal histories.