Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band
Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band originate from the Mountains of Central Pennsylvania in the forgotten railroad city of Altoona. Time writes the best songs. Chris Vipond has been writing songs for over 20 years. He takes what life gives and contains it into this condensed

The Stanley Street Band provides the musical backdrop to the songs with over 100 collective years of musical experience. Michael Stanley's hypnotic jazz-funk bass lines glue the tunes to the grooves with percussive outbursts and smooth handling. Randy Servello's street-smart drumming holds the line and defies logic sometimes at once while transporting the music into new rhythmic territories. Phillip Wagner's searing guitar work and impeccable intonation allow him to wear many musical hats by playing and singing what is right for the moment and the song.

The songs that make you think, laugh, cry, and get angry. Brought to you by the Hammond Organ, tight harmonies, solid grooves, ukulele, Huge Guitar, Massive Drums, and funky bass, the music is always inspired by a sense of empathy and positivity. From the protest rock anthems and subtle folk rock gems to the in-your-face edgy-funk jams, Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band deliver a perfectly honest spectrum of sound.