Papagaiyo Well lets see here...Gavin Rainwater was born in Roseburg, Oregon and is an Oregonian by day, and a musical hoodlum/ vocal space man by night. HE has been playin on 6-strings for 10 years. His first large performance was with a choir where I'm sure you could bend your ear to hear his tune alone. This guy knows all the words and harmonies to EVERYTHING! He met up with Andy by twist of fate in 2005. I remember it was raining. Andy started with Gavin only playin hand-drum and forcing his dirty lungs to push high harmonies. Andy Roberts is a goofy animal with flat out BAD behavior. And the bastard son was bred and born in the swamps of the bayou. He was raised with music and strives to sing somewhere near his father. Louisiana raised him to know rhythm and he started off playin drums. First large performance was opening for a band called Deadboy and the Elephantmen. He bought an acoustic bass when he met Gavin and started to play The Dead often. After coming back to Portland from Hurricane Katrina he knew many of the same songs as G-rain and Papagaiyo was born! Drew Sloan is a crude and rude bastard and an amazing picker. He is origionally from Long Island and grew up in South Florida...Met Lynard Skynard when he was eleven! Started playin guitar wen he was about 8 years of age.. He was a roadie for Phish among many other greats. Met Jerry Garcia and is a good friend of ours. This guy plays the Jerry licks like no other...Writes his own bluegrass tunes. Joined Papagaiyo in late February or early March. What an awesome addition. Broken Eye is the Rudeboy of the group, joined the band in August of 2007. Originally from the skurgs of Montucky, came to Portland, Oregon with a passionate vision of fulfilling his musical dreams. B.E. has been studying world percussion and groovy rhythms for about 6 years, though he played bass guitar in various bands since the age of 15. Papagaiyo loves it when he lights up the stage with his organic energy and crude behavior!