Shoeless Revolution
Shoeless Revolution The Twin Cities' "Shoeless Revolution" was born in the belly of the local music ovens of La Crosse, Wisconsin. They've anvil'd their sound and aligned their rhythms to the worlds of Funk, Rock, and Pop creating a cinder shower of fast-soul-aerobic-fusion. One year ago they migrated to the Minneapolis/St. Paul arena and have been claiming the Twin Cities as their new stomping grounds. They've assembled a crowd of new ears and old by tailoring their songs to follow the gut of the dance floor, and hearken to the call of the funk-visceral-gods!

"SPEAK UP" released in 2008, the group's toe-stomping and soulful debut album saw them turning problems such as "having too much junk in their car" into a tight ballad for the everyday twenty something. The proverbial theme song "Repeat" screams of seizing not the day but the entire life with sweet intelligency. The album is a journey, taking you through rhythmic gaiety, melodic grit, soul searching lyrics and red levels of danceability. In recent months Shoeless has followed their own advice and "simplified" their live show to find the groups elemental sound. They have overhauled old favorites and focused on the bricks and mortar of what they can bring to the feast of rock. The band is shooting for the spring of 2010 to release their sophomore album where these new revelations will be evident.

Having made their way through snow and detours they've set their chassis to their craft and traversed the Midwest for nearly five years (that's almost a pentade!), fueled by a 93 Chevy Eurosport Conversion Van and a hankering for big experiences and tiny discoveries. Their only sermon is that of living without one: keeping your own compass tuned to North. Oh, and the lack of footwear? It's a mystery. Constantly changing, forever aware, irrefutably footwear impaired, they'll make you move in ways that haven't even been invented yet!