Doro Doro Pesch has always been a natural fighter. One who stays true to herself with heart and soul. She is an icon and a decisive power in the Heavy Metal scene. One who doesnt give up when life becomes hard and who doesnt shy away from long and difficult paths.

When Dorothee Doro Pesch is born on a 3rd June in Germany's city, Duesseldorf, fate has already planned many things for her.

Already as a small girl her father, a lorry driver, takes her with him on his lorry-tours and awakens her love for travelling. Moving forward, facing new situations belongs to Doro's life since she can remember.

Until that day she is 16 years old by then when she suddenly gets ill. The girl from Duesseldorf still goes to school as the clouds above her sky turn darker and darker. Week after week Doro gets weaker and weaker and no one has the faintest clue where it comes from. It takes some time until doctors find out in hospital that she is suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.

Almost one year Doro has to stay in hospital because of that. She faces bad days as well as better days and has to experience how so called good friends turn away from her in that time. But she stays brave: If she gets well again one day, she promises herself, she will dedicate her life to music her only real passion.

And Doro recovers. And keeps her promise. She founds the band Warlock, gains a record deal for them and can lead the life that she used to love in her childhood so much: The life on the road. Travelling around the world. Soon she plays shows with bands such as Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi or Judas Priest and turns to an idol for the whole music scene. Doro turns, as the first female bandleader of the whole genre, to an example for many others to follow. Especially for many other women. Until now Doro has that role.

Warlock has turned into a legend and a true cult band. Due to songs as Für Immer, True as Steel, All We Are or I Rule The Ruins their name has become immortal and is still alive.

As well or maybe especially the new Doro album Warrior Soul carries on the spirit of the old Warlock times and adapts it to the current times. And times have seldom been better for Doro: during the last months several TV gigs - among others at two of the most famous German broadcasting stations (SAT1; RTL) have underlined the enormous status of the Metal Queen. The success with the EP In Love And Friendship (4 weeks in the German Top 100) honoured somebody who truly deserves it.

But confidence of success has never been a reason for the natural fighter to rest. Doro would not be Doro, if she had not put all of her heart and energy into Warrior Soul. Once again she had to go a long way. It has leaded her from the already familiar Yellohouse Studio in Wuppertal (Germany), the Atom-H-Studios and the cooperation with Chris Lietz and Torsten Sickert to the Switzerland where she worked together with Deezl Imhof (Foolpark Studios) and film director Luke Gasser. A great number of future hits have been developed on her journey as for example Strangers Yesterday, Above The Ashes or Youre My Family which is dedicated to the many true Doro Fans.

The Metal Queen has herself very special feelings for the album which she has not experienced anymore for a long time. Its such an extremely strong feeling she explains Its just overwhelming.

With the Swiss Luke Gasser, she already collaborated ahead of the album for a film production: Anuk Der Weg Des Kriegers (Anuk The Warriors Way) in which Doro can be seen in her first acting role and for which she sings the title song of the soundtrack Warrior Soul.

The album was finally mixed by Deezl and New Yorker, Metal Mike Goldberg who have put the finishing touches on it. Warrior Soul is not only the name of the album but it was also done with all soul of a true warrior.