Blank Blue
Blank Blue Blank Blue is the collaboration between producer Elvin Estela (Nobody) and vocalist Niki Randa. The two have worked together in one of the last independent record stores on earth since 2001, but have only began creating music together since December 2006. Estela spent most of 2006 working on both his collaboration with Mystic Chords of Memory(Mush/Rough Trade) and production for LA based MC Busdriver (Epitaph). Simultaneously, he began to prepare for the sequel to his 2003 album Pacific Drift: Western Water Music Vol.1 (Ubiquity). The idea of a concept record seemed imminent and instrumentals were created with a basic concept in mind: a west coast apocalyptic record, earthquake, tsunami, disaster, a spell from magic fish leaked to the survivors, and a new beginning. Having completed a bunch of music for this concept, Estela decided that unlike Pacific Drift, this album would have one vocalist as opposed to guests. Fighting off the insecurity he felt about his newest work, Estela handed Randa a CD of all the music he had finished until then. Inspired by all the music they were hearing and not hearing at work, the two immediately shared the same sound in their heads. A track with the working title Sonic What became the first song completed and it exceeded all expectations. All the Shallow Deep followed two weeks later and is the first release from Blank Blue. It features the stellar backwards guitar of fellow co-worker and best friend Josh Teague, and the string arrangements of Miguel Atwood Ferguson.