Glassjaw Glassjaw is a highly influential post-hardcore band from Long Island, NY. They formed in the summer of 1993 after Palumbo and Beck met each other at camp. They recorded some demos before releasing the EP "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" in 1997, and recorded their first full length album "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence" in 2000 on Roadrunner Records. The record brought the band out of Long Island and into the hands of a dedicated grass-roots following. Their sophomore album "Worship and Tribute" was released in 2002 on Warner Brothers Records. Although it received some MTV airtime, a Grammy nomination and a peak at #82 on the Billboard top 200, "Worship and Tribute" was a departure from the debut and was met with mixed reviews from fans. Since then, Glassjaw have not recorded any new material, releasing the digital-only EP "El Mark" in 2005, a release that consisted of three unused songs from the "Worship and Tribute" sessions.

In 2005, all members spare Palumbo and Beck left the band for reasons which remain unclear. It is supposed that they left involuntarily. Ex-drummer Durijah Lang and ex-bass player Manuel Ragoonanan Carrero were soon inducted back into the band, so there was once again a functional lineup for playing shows. Indeed, the new four-piece Glassjaw played a handful of shows in Summer 2005. A new album was apparently in the works for a release in 2007, but never surfaced.

Daryl Palumbo also fronts electronic pop-rock band Head Automatica, and ex-Glassjaw drummer Larry Gorman also played for them; however, Gorman is no longer a member of the band for unknown reasons.

Ex-guitarist Todd Weinstock now plays in the similarly-styled band Men, Women, & Children.

After a two-year hiatus, the band played three shows in 2005, two at the now-defunct The Downtown in Farmingdale, NY, with proceeds going to charity, and a spot on The Used's tour at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

After some mysterious updates on their website, the 2007 Glassjaw tour had gone and ended, already hitting up spots including yet another venue in Farmingdale, NY, playing 2 shows in one day at The Crazy Donkey.

Glassjaw's next album is highly anticipated, not only due to their last full-length release dating back to 2002, but also the delay and lack of information regarding its status and/or release. In an interview with Palumbo in the July, 2006 issue of AP magazine, he stated that the band were in the process of writing and recording new material for the next album, which they hoped to release in 2007. Palumbo hinted that there could be a unifying concept behind the album. In November, 2007, in the first Glassjaw interview in years, Beck revealed they had written "about eleven good songs — seven i love, and four to six half-baked ideas we need to finish". In an interview with Kerrang!, Palumbo stated that the new album should be released by "The end of this year or early 2009…I hope." Details emerged from The Grixer in May, 2008 that the album was "awaiting vocals" and "should be wrapped up and completed in the coming months". In a May, 2008 interview with Verse One magazine, Beck said: "Right now I’d just be happy to finish up this record. I'm sure if it's not a giant pile of shit, we'd love to play it live. Exact dates, plans, don't know yet." In a June, 2008 interview conducted by, Beck stated, "As far as I am personally concerned, there will be a release well before the end of the year."

On July 20, Palumbo confirmed through Revolt that there will be a new Glassjaw EP and LP to be released in the coming months. He was quoted as saying "It's a five or six song EP, and the EP will be slightly different from the full-length. The new Glassjaw stuff is far more aggressive than it was previously. This is stuff that Justin (Beck) and I have been working on for a long time. It's far more aggressive than I ever thought it would be."