Tragedy: A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees
Tragedy: A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees TRAGEDY: The #1 HEavy Metal Tribute to the BEE GEEs in the Tri State Area

Tragedy's live show is a theatrical, comical, arena-rocking spectacle, with eight band members on stage plus guest singers, dancers and dubious characters appearing and disappearing at random.

Tragedy is not a tribute band per se – the band seeks to re-interpret the original classics in a way that is relevant without being ironic, sarcastic or mean-spirited. The songs of the Brothers Gibb now shimmer with a metallic edge and belt out a dose of cold steel. “They do it very well, with between-song banter, backup singers, and shiny white suits. More importantly, these guys are all great musicians.” (Soundbites;

The "Brothers Gibb" are singers/guitarists Barry Glibb and Mo-Royce Peterson, singer/cowbellist/dancer/wrestler Robin Gibbens, and younger brother Andy Gibbeth (played by Corn Mo, who performs with Ben Folds and They Might Be Giants when not singing with Tragedy). The extended family includes Barely Gibb on drums, Gibbous Waning on bass, an abused intern named Lance, and three lovely back-up singers, Women's Gibb -- Barry's wife Linda Glibb, Olivia Newton-Chong and Angelpussy.

Too much heaven indeed!