Chris Chew
Chris Chew Chris Chew is the colossally talented and gregarious bass player for the North Mississippi Allstars. Also known as “Big Chew” he is beloved for his open character during performances and often takes on a convivial stage presence in this wholly dynamic but often softly spoken power rock trio. His resilient reaction time and ability to adopt in a moments jam make him an ideal accompaniment to the various playing styles and preferences of his multi talented band. Chew has been friends with his band mates (brothers) Luther and Cody Dickinson since high school.

Founded in 1996, the band has enjoyed entertaining rock, psychedelic, blues, and gospel audiences around the world for more than a decade. Chris has contributed to several successful projects with NMA and is an exultant member of the popular side group The Word. Formed in 2000 and widely received by many fans, The Word consists of NMA joined by Robert Randolph on pedal steel and John Martin (Mediski, Martin & Wood) on Keyboard. In 2005 NMA paired with John Hiatt and joined him for 2 triumphant summer tours as both his opening act and his band. Other noteworthy side work includes creating the music for the classic animation The Barnyard. Chris has enjoyed three Grammy nominations in his tenure with NMA to date. In 2007 his band formed an independent record label called Songs of the South.

Singing and bass playing are natural gifts that Chew brings to the stage and gospel music is one of many things he is passionate about. He has been an active member in the Rising Sun Baptist Church for many years and enjoys spending time with the choir when he is not busy on the road or in the studio with NMA. Soul music is also frequently heard when Chew steps up to the microphone and his participatory fans never hold back in joining his spirit of delivery in the classic songs he loves to sing.