The Lucksmiths
The Lucksmiths Melbourne outfit The Lucksmiths have stuck to their tried-and-true formula once again on this latest release, effortlessly mixing indie pop with sharp-as-a-tack wit. Comparisons between Belle and Sebastian and the Go-Betweens will no doubt be thrown left and right once again and though it is understandable, it doesn't do them enough justice. Marty Donald's wordplay is as ever, reminiscent on more than one occasion of The Magnetic Fields' ingenuity. "Are you ever coming clean/or will i never know the meaning/of the lines you scribbled out/and told that i couldn't read between." Beyond the intelligent lyrics lie dreamy, earnest vocals, sharing a cloud with perfectly mixed guitar chords and gorgeous strings, which are used sparingly as to not become too melancholic or overbearing. 'The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco' is easily the most infectious track with it's carefree melody and unforgettable vocals, and features a guitar that sounds not unlike George Harrison's in 'The Sun King', further adding to it's breezy summer feel. Elsewhere a stomping snare carries along the delightful 'The Music Next Door', and the sleepy 'If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home' has an ending that will make your eyes water. Fans won't be disappointed and newcomers will fall in love. A record to keep you warm at night.