Saint Francis
Saint Francis Saint Francis of Assisi was the anointed, patron saint of animals, and the true son of Mother Nature. In just about any garden you can find a statue of the Saint, as he tends the garden where the animals find shelter, protection, and peace. His story is a powerful one and that of a man that was born of excess, and who gave it all up to serve a Higher Power. Much like the saint, the band, Saint Francis was born from a wealth of experience, and knowledge, denouncing negative ego, and replacing it with humanitarianism, and love through the power of music.

Saint Francis is marriage of creative force, radiating from the purest of hearts with the most genuine of souls. The content of their songs relate to everyone through the power of music. Their sound touches the deepest recesses of emotion and heart, and lifts your spirit to a new awareness of what the harmony of musical composition can reach.

Saint Francis was created by front man, Scott Baston, in 2007 after leaving the highly successful band Moonshine Still. Scott felt that he had developed a heightened sense of self and connection with his music that no longer meshed with that of Moonshine Still, and took his leave of the band. Together he and Jeremy Johnson on lead guitar, form the strong vocal and writing talent that create the unmistakable music that is Saint Francis. The band has had several incarnations but the current membership is taking the sound to a new level of expression and success.

After Moonshine, Scott felt that the original band, Saint Francis had legs but it didn’t start to walk until he called on an old friend, and fellow troubadour, Mark van Allen, who is the pedal/ lap steel player and harmony vocals. Greg Cooler rounds out the driving heartbeat on bass guitar. Mark adds a steady fullness to the current rhythm section of the band, which now includes brothers, Rackley and Mason Davis, fondly known as R1D2, on drums and percussion. Their talents help complete the steady groove and unique expression for the Saint Francis sound. Finally the search for the last piece of the puzzle was ended when Logan Wallis on keyboards and vocals joined the family. The band has had several incarnations but the current members have played with bands from all genres, including Sugarland, the Indigo Girls, Blueground Undergrass, Warren Haynes and Government Mule, and many more.

Formerly of Macon now based in Athens, GA the band has recently been signed to KrossOver Records out of California.

Recordings include “One of Many” recorded at Star Motel Records of Macon, and mastered at Music Farm Recording of Loganville; single, “Revolution Radio” from John Keane Studios in Athens; and currently in production an album out of Omni Sound in Nashville with Tommy Cooper producing and engineering, and John Keane Studios in Athens.

Look for great things out of this stellar band, and join them in their Bubble as they reach new heights of musical expression.