Miracle Fortress
Miracle Fortress Miracle Fortress is Graham Van Pelt's main recording project, based in Montreal. MF is also Graham's band featuring Jessie Stein, Jordan Robson-Cramer and Adam Waito. The band does adaptations of the recordings, as well as some genuine actual band songs you might like. Sometimes Graham performs by himself, and this is also Miracle Fortress. Sometimes Graham performs as Fort Miracle, which is different, but Graham acknowledges that it may be possibly undesirable self-mythologizing. Graham also plays in the punk-raver-destruction band Think About Life. Five Roses is the first full-length Miracle Fortress album, available via Secret City and Rough Trade. It's inspired heavily by (and occasionally pays homage to) weirder Nilsson, Phil Spector and Beach Boys stuff, but draws mainly from straight-up studio accidents/surprises, FX mush, ambient drones, drum programming, post-rock, classic rock etc. Five Roses was self- and home-recorded at Friendship Cove.