Thacker Dairy Road
Thacker Dairy Road Dairy Road is a road. Way out there, just past Lee Street and Interstate 40. Out where Greensboro's city limits disappear and reappear as the town of Whitsett. Horse farms and dairy farms still outnumber Planned Urband Developments. And the residents openly hope the economic growth gets tired of stretching out, and decides to move back to the city.

Drive down Thacker Dairy Road the road, and it becomes Thacker Dairy Road the band. Turn right on the gravel road, just over the bridge and bamboo bushes. Back there you'll find:

A funk-improv and hammond slammin' keyboard player.

A wicked lickin' art-country lead guitar player.

A punk-turned-funk bass player.

A whiz-kid prodigy and protege' drummer.

A dedicated and die hard bluegrass fiddle player.

And a self-proclaimed "lyric-loving" lead singer