Sons of the Soil
Sons of the Soil Sons of the Soil formed in August 2007 when singer/song-writer Jake Wiggington was looking for talented musicians to make his songs have a bigger sound. He called Nick Larkey and Jon Stone, who he had played with off and on for a few years, and asked them to join his band. Immediately the three knew something special had started. However, it was not long until they realized that something was missing. Jon thought that Clif Humphress was an exceptional drummer who could take the band to the next level rhythmically. At first Clif was playing percussion, but he decided that everything would mesh better if he were behind a full drum kit. Once the band had their first practice with Clif behind the kit, they knew that was the way the band would be playing from now on. Once the band started learning a good amount of material, Jon decided to ask lead guitarist Patrick Fromm to jam with them. Jon and Patrick used to have regular informal bluegrass jams with many talented local pickers. Patrick's musical knowledge has definetly added a creative twist that the band thrives upon. Now, Sons of the Soil is playing regular gigs and writing new songs as a band. They have an original sound that comes across as an acoustic jam band, but they play bluegrass, jazz and americana music as well.