The 1900s
The 1900s The 1900s are a seven piece psychedelic pop group from Chicago. The band is a combination of some very old friendships (like riding the school bus together - style) and some very new ones. This proved to be a potent experiment, resulting in steamy relationships, Fleetwood Mac style breakups, and most importantly, their much loved Plume Delivery e.p., which was recorded before the band ever played a live show. Coincidentally, it was at their very first performance that a wide-eyed Parasol invited the 1900s to come onboard, which they have done and continue to do to this very date.

With only those six songs under their belt, The 1900s walked into a whirlwind, instantly becoming one of the most talked about bands in Chicago, garnering enough printed praise to make them blush and playing sold-out show after sold-out show in their hometown. Their rapidly growing presence also spread outside of the Windy City, leading to touring performances with Midlake and Iron & Wine among others, as well as highly touted performances at SXSW (a blown away Spin reporter named them 'Artist of the Day' the morning after their official performance) and an invitation to perform at this year's Lollapalooza.