Health This slightly schizophrenic noise-rock LA quartet have been honing a name for themselves amongst the warehouses and cement walls of venues like the Smell playing with fellow local patrons, The Mae Shi, Anavan, Captain Ahab and Mika Miko. Creating a sound all their own, they are bridging gaps between noise and electronic music with their highly palatable sound and captivating live presence.

Armed with the standard rock band arsenal: one guitar, one bass, some keyboards—their already-working-overtime skinsman gets ramparted by other members pounding on electronic drum pads and, of course, fingering a bevy of fuzz and screech gadgetry.

Upcoming releases include a split with the infamous CRYSTAL CASTLES as well as their debut feature length on Love Pump United Records. They record everything themselves without sacrificing a shred of aesthetic integrity. The result will speak for itself.