Inca Maya
Inca Maya

Inca Maya is poised to bring things back in a big way, and we're not talking about being retro just for the sake of being retro. We're talking about all the things that have made music so great which seem to be sorely lacking in today's corporate music scene. Great songs with big hooks, memorable guitar riffs and solos that aren't self-indulgent, genre-hopping without fear of alienating a certain fan base or losing your "image", etc.

Basically all the things that made great bands like Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers Band, Pink Floyd, and Steely Dan who they were. Inca Maya counts all these and so many more as influences, and tries to take up where they left off, incorporating a modern, heavier edge combined with funky grooves that results in a strangely satisfying sound that you can rock out to while shaking your ass all at the same time.

Don't be surprised if you hear Inca Maya go from the nastiest heavy rock riffs in the vein of Tool and Rage Against the Machine, to then turn on a dime and hit you with some cosmic funk ala Jamiroquai and Herbie Hancock. Throw in some soul/R&B influence and some Latin, African, and other wordly vibes, and well, you get the picture... It takes getting used to, we know. Give in, you will thank us later.

Inca Maya is based out of Jacksonville, Florida and led by guitarist, singer, and songwriter Matt Grondin, who is quickly becoming known for getting invited to sit-in with such heavy hitters as moe., Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, Mofro, and Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, and other members of The Allman Brothers Band at the Wanee Family Jam.

Although the band just started playing shows in the last year, Grondin has spent the last 5 years working with drummer Michael Cansler, aka "The Sultan", who has become the band's de facto lyricist. Together, Grondin and The Sultan have been writing a serious amount of new material, much of which will be included on the band's new release.

Joining Grondin and Cansler a little over a year ago was Shane Platten on bass, who has become an integral part of the band's sound, as well as being a constant source of enthusiasm and motivation. The core members have been augmented by a variety of players both live and in the studio, and are currently playing with Andrew Block on guitar and Chris Spies on the keys for select shows.

Keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates and the new record, which presents a band that, despite it's relative infancy, is ready to kick ass and take names. Please stay tuned!