Melting Pot
Melting Pot This Toronto-based trio is a welcome throwback to a time when guitar, bass and drums were all you needed for a powerful and intense yet nuanced and balanced sound. Their vision is to serve the music, to pay homage to the artists they love and respect such as the Black Crowes, Grand Funk Railroad, Cream, Otis Redding, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Melting Pot's sound reflects those primordial inspirations -- hard-driving rock n' roll that effortlessly blends blues, soul, R&B, jamband and even world-music influences, with creative, honest and powerfully delivered lyrics. Whether you need tunes to help you get over life's hard knocks or you just need a soundtrack to a raging party, Nelson Sobral (guitar & lead vocals), Darin Meilleur (bass & backing vocals) and Carmelo Galle (drums & backing vocals) make music for you.

Their songwriting and musical talents are complemented by a fresh, innovative and friendly approach to the meat grinder otherwise known as the music business. Melting Pot knows that live shows are what will make or break them so copies of their debut 5-song EP are given away freely. They want you to enjoy their music, period. Their web and social media presence instantly tells you that this is a band that understands where the world is headed, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get thereā€¦as long as it doesn't involve compromising their principles or their music.