Bad News Boys (fka King Khan & BBQ Show)
Bad News Boys (fka King Khan & BBQ Show) It's hard to tell if the King Khan & BBQ Show is more famous than they are infamous. Since the 2004 release of their first self-titled debut, the King Khan & BBQ Show has earned itself a place in rock' n' roll history by inspiring both insanity (fervor for the band's live show has occasionally manifested itself as live sex acts) and critical reverence.

The King Khan & BBQ show's long-awaited 3rd full-length album, Invisible Girl, will disappoint neither the band's critical admirers nor their devoted cult following. Invisible Girl marks a return to the trade-mark Doo-Wop-laced, anthemic garage rock that earned the band both their fame and infamy. The album exhibits the band's effortless fluency in rock 'n' roll's tenets and traditions, but it also, notes Mark Sultan (otherwise known as BBQ), "includes a song so vile that it cannot even be mentioned."

After releases in the interim on revered labels such as Crypt, Norton and Fat Possum, KK&BBQ decided to remain true to their roots and chose LA's In The Red Records to release it in the US. King Khan and BBQ's may be rock 'n' roll's fiercest antiheroes, but they are also its hardest-working ambassadors, touring from Europe to Brazil to Israel, and embarking on a 31-date North American tour this fall.