Slip Madigan
Slip Madigan Slip Madigan is a group of five individuals with one commonality; an undying love and passion for music. Assembled in the spring of 2005, Slip has steadily honed a diverse and eclectic musical catalog that seamlessly spans genres from blues, jazz, funk, bluegrass, rock, trance, reggae and all that lies between. Truly nothing is off limits. The band has carved a niche all their own, relying heavily upon intelligent and well thought out song structure, infused with areas designated for the musically unknown, unplanned, and unpracticed. This leaves the bands live performances as a culmination of organization, precision, and uncharted musical territory waiting to be discovered. Slip Madigan music infuses unlimited amounts of energy and satisfaction to both the band, and music loving audiences everywhere.

Slip Madigan was formed by the surviving members of Buffalo's "Total Protonic Reversal" in 2005, after half of the band died in a horrific accident involving a ham sandwich at Harry Nilsson's london flat (citation needed)....

Confused and distraught, the remaining members shelved the entire T.P.R song catalog and wrote a new one.