eNeRGy D
eNeRGy D eNeRGy D (Energy D), a four-piece Jazz/Jam/Rock band based in Memphis, TN, recently released their first self-titled, all-original album of genre-defying music. While 2006 included Energy D’s five track cover demo, frat parties, and the composition of original material, 2007 efforts to date have resulted in the production and release of this first album, playing a host of Memphis venues (including Newby’s and the Young Avenue Deli), opening for nationally renowned acts such as Animal Liberation Orchestra, Chicago Afrobeat Project, and Gravity A, and securing a regional fanbase. With the release of the Energy D album, recent airplay on Memphis’ 89.9 FM WEVL, and a rapidly growing fanbase, 2007 promises to be the breakout year for this band that originated just over a year ago.

Energy D formed in the late spring of 2006 when several student members of Rhodes College (Memphis, TN) jazz ensembles combined their talents in an impromptu afternoon jam session. Looking to branch out of traditional jazz mediums and to incorporate other facets of music they all pursued independently, the decision was made to continue collaborating, and the band was born.

Brought together by a shared love of jazz, Energy D began experimenting with various song-writing techniques that led to an original sound that utilizes elements of jazz, rock, bluegrass, classical, funk, and electronica. The first four tracks on the debut cross this broad spectrum, but the Energy D sound is not just a random combination of contemporary jazz stylings; it is a fusion of genres resulting in “big, modern, funky dance beats” coupled with a new and diverse style of melodicism. Energy D’s sound is constantly reinvented through live performances and the exploration of new musical possibilities. Improvisation and audience involvement are integral parts of Energy D shows making for a more dynamic live experience than traditional looping/electronica projects.

Energy D’s sophomore studio release is scheduled for release in late November 2007 as the band begins touring the throughout the Southeast.