Nico Vega
Nico Vega For us, Nico Vega is a way of life. We are 3 people that play music together. We all write our own parts, and we help each other with our Ideas. The root of the music is the relationships between us. Nico Vega is about collaboration. And collaboration is never an easy thing until a person decides that all the people involved are just as important as any one of them. We are a family, and we honor each other by listening, and growing. We push each other to be better, and carry each other when we are weak. Nico Vega represents a modern day saint. A warrior that has led us to a more fulfilling lighter way of being. She represents people, and unity. She fights for all of us, and teaches us to fight for each other. She is an Idea that has evolved into a message, and she fuels us in our bellies. She is no different from the person we are all capable of being, but she holds the bar high above our head so that we can reach to be better human beings. We all have honesty inside of us, and we all know how to love, and we are all made of the same flesh, and we are all stuck here together. Nico Vega reminds us that we can learn to fuse those Ideas together and grow more solid as a unit of man. Alone we are lost, we fail, we grieve, we search, we struggle, we feel small. Together, we are solid, found, loved, and powerful. We are our own greatest natural resource. The power of unity is bigger than any amount of loss. Our ego falls away when we listen to each other. It is when we stop believing that we can learn from each other, that we stop learning all together, and then we are alone. We are no different from one and other. The same flesh, the same pain, the same love the same heart. Our greatness is no threat to one and other. The more beautiful we are individually, the more powerful we are together. It is our Ego that lies and tells us that we are threatened. You are part of our family forever, and we will make music to communicate our love and gratitude for you. It doesn't matter where we came from. It is our actions that define us as people. If you come to our show. Throw your hands up so we can feel you. And you will feel us.