Shai Hulud
Shai Hulud Yes the rumors are true… SHAI HULUD is back together and has recently signed a deal with Metal Blade Records and are about to hit the road for a string of dates in Europe with PARKWAY DRIVE and REMEMBERING NEVER. Shortly after SHAI HULUD returns to the States they will head out with DEAD TO FALL, TWELVE TRIBES, and label mates PHOENIX MOURNING for the Call No Man Happy Who Is Not Dead Tour sponsored by PureVolume, LambGoat & Metal Maniacs. Once the band is done touring they will spend the winter months writing material for their Metal Blade debut which will be out in the Spring/Summer 2007. More information will be made available as it comes in including tour updates from the guys, updates on the writing process, what studio and producer they plan on going with and studio reports once they start recording.

"Having been intensely fanatic about the majority of their bands (yes, even THE GOO GOO DOLLS, but more so CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER) for upwards of 20 years, we are honored to be welcomed to their family. Like I told the label, Metal Blade may very well be more responsible for raising me than my mother. Sorry Mom, but you must admit I spent quite a lot of time with SLAYER and VOIVOD in those formative years... We plan on spending this coming winter writing for our Metal Blade debut." Matt Fox Shai Hulud

"All of us here at Metal Blade are absolutely thrilled to be working with a band that is as influential as SHAI HULUD and can’t wait to get started working their MB debut. We definitely expect to see great things from Matt Fox and Co. and will make sure we do everything in our power to help them along the way. 2007 is going to be one hell of a year for Metal Blade and I’m grateful that SHAI HULUD will be a part of that." Metal Blade

"I remember seeing SHAI HULUD at Furnace Fest 2002 and they were the best band there! They've influenced so many of the bands that are up and coming right now, including AS I LAY DYING. When Matt first sent me the new demos, I was honored to give my recommendation to Metal Blade and I’m happy to see they are now part of the MB family." Tim Lambesis of AS I LAY DYING

"SHAI HULUD were one of the pioneers of melodic hardcore. When I say melodic, I mean crushing yet melodic music, with emotionally driven heavy vocals that will tear your soul open. Without these guys metal/hardcore would not sound the way it does today. They were and still are a musical influence for me." Trevor Phipps of UNEARTH