Company of Thieves
Company of Thieves Company of Thieves is on the tip of your tongue for a few key reasons: Chicago's Union Station, moody Mondays, and an urgent energy meant to spread the sound of organic rock music.

Guitarist, Marc Walloch, and vocalist, Genevieve Schatz, met by chance in Union Station through passing mutual friends. They formed a fast friendship over their love for the Beatles and their loathing of moody Monday nights in the city, starting a weekly Monday Music Night with fellow artists/musicians at Marc's studio apartment for a fix. Dorian Duffy, a coast dweller from Rhode Island who came to Chicago on a gamble hoping to expand his musical horizons was often in attendance, clad with a an open mind and smooth, down-home style of bass playing. Marc and Genevieve spent an entire summer writing the foundations for what is now Company of Thieves' first full length album, Ordinary Riches, knowing Dorian would provide the bass soon after.

The three fell into fall with a bitter sweet energy, eager to play and lacking a drummer. Open-mic nights at cozy coffee shops became home to the sounds of the future Thieves, helping the three find a family in the community of local singer/songwriters. Aching for a beat, the three recorded acoustic demos and posted up fliers around the city in search for their fourth member. After several attempts to find the soul, hope started to dwindle and winter was just around the corner. It wasn't until Genevieve bumped into an old show-mate, Mike Ortiz, at Union Station that everything started to take a turn. They luckily were rushing towards the same crowded train and happened to find that the only two seats left were together. Gushing about their current musical happenings, it was soon realized that the Thieves and Mike went hand in hand. He came to rehearsal with a love of the sound and a soulful, steady pace, completing the Company and kicking off six-months of blood, sweat, and tears that went into the writing and recording of Ordinary Riches with good friend and legendary Producer Sean O'Keefe (Fall out Boy, the Hush Sound, This is Me Smiling). The rest is history.