Kicksville Kicksville is a small town founded in 1998 as a creative vacation resort by Mike Stehr and Conrad St. Clair. Kicksville's primary export is experimental, groove-driven music produced by Mayor Stehr, Commissioner St. Clair, the City Council, and the town's Citizens.

Beneath the town's musical infrastructure lies a powerful message as well: Kicksville's Poet Laureate is the legendary poet and activist, John Beecher. Improvisation, painstaking programming, melodic sensibility, award-winning poetry, and bizarre sound effects are only some of the tools used to manufacture Kicksville's aural nuggets of hearty goodness.

gned to Ropeadope Records (DJ Logic, The Harlem Experiment, The Frequency), Kicksville is like nothing you've ever heard - or seen for that matter. Genre-defying is a lame cliche that doesn't even come close. Trust us.

Instrumentation Live crew:
Conrad St. Clair: Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Mike Stehr: Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Chris Huntington: Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Mike "Beaker” Parpovich: Guitar, Drum kit, Percussion
Lou Caldarola: Drum kit, Percussion, Vocals
Aya Peard: Vocals, Percussion, Keys
Tone Deaf: MC, live artist, antics
Ben Surman: FOH mix engineer, live electronics, MIDI wind instruments
Mario Benavidez: video tech

Animal Farm, Ropeadope Digital (spring 2008)
Enter the Flavor Hut, Ropeadope Digital (2007)
Whose America? Volume 3 (2003)
Whose America? Volume 2 (2001)
Whose America? Volume 1 (2000)