Ramoth-Gilead (the really bad)
Ramoth-Gilead (the really bad) Pronounced [Ray-Moth (the insect), Gil-Lee-Add (opposite of subtract)], he currently travels the U.S., offering music lovers the opportunity to hear what many have said to be something new and fresh; something needed to be heard on air waves today.

Ramoth-Gilead was brought up listening to his father's collection of soul music from the 60's and his mother's favorite gospel records of the 80's. When breaking away to discover music for himself, he was intrigued with the lyrics of hip-hop, the color of jazz and classical, and the feel-good music of the 70's. A lot of these early influences are prevalent in his own music and lyrics as he combines real life and humor together with colorful and rhythmically funky acoustic guitar chords.

His debut album, ATTRACTING A CROWD, is a live recorded performance which gives the listener an opportunity to hear why so many people are attracted to his clever way with words and his unique guitar style. As a part-time street musician, Ramoth has had his share of run-ins with the law. The title of the album uses the same words that an officer described in a citation that was given to him. The incident-inspired track, "Play For Change", tells his story.