Band of Brotherz
Band of Brotherz According to Orally Transmitted Teachings of Vocalist/Producer Zachariah Mose (The Ironmonk), Guru and Prophet of Golden Baboon Studios, The Band of Brotherz is a Underground Music Kollective founded with members of ..90..s San Francisco Hip Hop Jazz Pioneers Alphabet Soup, Les Claypool(Primus)..s Fancy Band, and Bob Weir(Grateful Dead)..s Ratdog.

We propose to Unite all Mystical Kultural Traditions into One Synchronous Rhythmic, Orgasmic Synergistic Whole. Together with fellow Konspirator/Rapper Chris Burger (Charlie Bravo), Badass Drummer/Marijuana Activist Jay Lane (Jungle Lingo), Rebel Poet/Zen Master Michael Blake (Mystic Mon), and Legendary Oakland Rapper, Kingpin Rowe, we use Transcendental Psycho Linguistic Magnetism to Overthrow the State-Us-Quo. Born of the Perennial Libertarian Struggle of the Marginalized and Oppressed Peoples of the Youniverse, the Band of Brotherz solidified as a Group after producing ..Down in Babylon.. for the Katrina Benefit compilation ..Eye of the Storm.. sponsored by the Ella Baker Center in Oakland,Ca. The music is best described as Revolutionary Urban Music, threatening a Higher Level of Social Consciousness with an Infectious Danceable Groove, seamlessly blending Hip Hop, Live Instruments, Samples, Politics, Alien Technology, Reggae, Revolution, Bong Hits, Freedom, Poetry, Justice, Tofu Products and World Peace . Special guests on the first release include Dave Shul- guitar (Spearhead), Gabby La La-sitar (Les Claypool Band) Kenny Brooks-sax (Ratdog), Jeff Chimenti-Keys (Ratdog) and Sikiru Adepoju, Master of the Talking Drum (Mickey Hart..s Planet Drum).