Our band is called KingBilly. KingBilly is one word, with a capital "K" and a capital "B." The way KingBilly acquired its name is quite boring actually. Trey and the boys came up with a huge list of words that sounded cool, and they started mashing together every possible combination. When all was said and done, everyone seemed to like the way KingBilly rolled off the tongue. It wasn't until later that the significance of the name took hold. There is no official definition for the term kingbilly, but it has been used to describe those elder members of hillbilly society (a "kingbilly" is a leader of the hillbillies). The word kingbilly is also a term for the so-called Rastafarian redneck, whatever that is ;-).

However, the most fitting aspect of the name KingBilly is its undeniable reference to the billy goat. The band KingBilly, like the goat, is known by its behavior and attitude. A goat will not rest until it has reached the highest point in the area. The KingBilly boys are determined to produce the best music possible and will not settle until they reach the top. Goats will eat just about anything. KingBilly can and will play (and eat) just about anything, as long as it's good. Goats are lively, energetic animals. They are inquisitive and sociable, and they are very independent. KingBilly is built on a foundation of friendship and musical innovation. It's all about finding a new path to success while maintaining the integrity of the music.

KingBilly is

Donny Fallgatter - lead vocals

Josh Matheny - dobro, lap steel, vocals

John Osborne - "take off" guitar, vocals

Matt Utterback - bass

Kevin Weaver - drums

Charlie Worsham - guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals