Return To Mono
Return To Mono "..some of the city's lushest creators of the immersive listening experience." (ARTKRUSH)

"..takes you right to the heart of the thriving Bay Area electronic landscape." (INSOMNIA RADIO)

"Repositioning the proven hybrid of edgy female vocals & dark, grooving electronics used by Garbage, Portishead & Mechanical Birds..Original, sophisticated, skillfully crafted, and highly listenable." (KEYBOARD)

"..a strong step above typical dance music, combining powerful vocals with solid beats and sophisticated grooves." (THE DELI SF)

"..Return to Mono inundate eardrums with waves of atmospheric electro-pop." (FLAVORPILL)

"Full bodied vocals from Tanya Kelleher that just drip with sultriness.." (PLUG IN)

"Kelleher's singing ranges from subtle, breathy intonations to soaring, soulful cries; her confidante-spun lyrics are at once moody and exuberant, with a satisfying and peculiar dark humor about them." (CONNEXION BIZARRE)

"..this group delivers a larger than life performance that makes for an incredible one-night journey." (NITEVIBE)

"Check em out!" (AURAL SATISFACTION)