Michael Manahan
Michael Manahan Michael Manahan, innovator and mainstay of Seattle's underground dance music community, produces music and events as nourishment for the soul. Hailing from the burgeoning San Francisco house scene of the early 90s, Michael rode the wave of positivity to Seattle and as UFO, co-produced the original northwest full-moon celebrations lasting 5 years, spreading the joy of music and connection with nature.

In 1993, Richard Sun inspired Michael to found the collective, A.T.O.I. Seattle (Ambient Temple of I-Magi-Nation), continuing his search for deeper meaning and relevance in everyday life. As a group of individuals dedicated to furthering consciousness, A.T.O.I. Seattle produced events and ambient rooms as artful experiences encompassing all the senses. In addition to producing these environments, Michael offered the participants the gift of introspection with both his epic trance sets on the main floor of many a gathering and his spacey, funk-infused downtempo in ambient rooms and weeklies in cafes and clubs across the city and beyond. As the A.T.O.I. Seattle collective grew, its members' paths diverged and a core group emerged called Starseed.

The focus of Starseed remained true to its roots with the exploration of consciousness that integrates with everyday life at the forefront, and Michael was a guiding force in producing the now legendary environments/gatherings that were Starseed. His musical style evolved from one of introspection to reflection, focusing out and upward with a deep tribal house where there was never a dull beat. Inspired by Starseed, numerous production/collective groups formed up and down the west coast, including Seelie Court, the effect of which is still being felt today.

In 2001, members of Seelie Court and Michael Manahan joined forces to form Starborne Productions, and the Starborne SoundSystem was born, a 10,000 watt Mackie Fussion P.A. run on veggie-fuel (bio diesel). Starborne Productions currently produces the Oracle Gatherings, a series of events based on archetypes relevant to the tribal dance culture that meld music, theater, performance, ritual, dance, and magic in one incredible night that resonates for a lifetime.

Although his modesty may make him claim otherwise, Michael's leadership and musical talent is the common thread through all this history. As a music producer, Michael co-produced, Integratron, a 12-inch released on Visible records in 1994 and recently remixed, Rah Shilo, for Zion's Gate records with two original tracks on the 12-inch released in 2002 entitled, Still Tha King, and Right Now. As a d.j., Michael can throw down with the best of them, hanging with such heavyweights as Kruder & Dorfmeister, the Ninja Tune Tour, DJ Spooky, Loop Guru, Banco de Gaia, and the San Francisco Wicked crew. In 2002, Michael annually co-produces the DanceSafe stage at the world-famous Seattle Hempfest with an estimated 190,000 people in attendance last year.

Holding several residencies in Seattle at various times, Michael has also led the dance journey as d.j for many folks up and down the west coast, from San Fran to Ashland to Eugene to Portland to Vancouver, B.C. and even Hawaii. His style remains a deep, tribal house dipped in funk, peppered with bhangra, accompanied by beats that hit you like a rippling earthquake, and you can't help but shake it all night long!