Sam & Ruby
Sam & Ruby 1999...independently submersed in the music scene in Nashville, before words were ever exchanged, Sam and Ruby knew someday they would record a project together. Ruby spent her time hopping ponds with her Top 5 charted pop album, Smoke and Honey (Polydor UK), while Sam was holding down the fort (or rather, making it get up and shake) in Nashville and NYC, with his sexy funky groovy-music-making self. However, these musical soulmates could not deny their destiny, and 7 years later the project has begun. One may initially wonder, "How can a boy from Green Bay, Wisconsin and a girl born in Ghana, West Africa find kindred spirits within each other?". Once you hear it, you don't wonder anymore... Add to that, their voices, when recorded, are often mistaken for each other's. Destined for a higher purpose, Sam and Ruby continue to give to people what has been given to them... life, love, and loss, understanding, forgiveness and