The Grownup Noise
The Grownup Noise Since 2005, The Grownup Noise has been steadily making their mark in Boston. Their engaging and unpredictable live show is truly a unique experience. Tasteful use of dynamics, varying instruments; including a lead cellist, and unusual covers, are just part of the Grownup Noise’s ever-evolving live production. All this, under the comfortable blanket of creative grooves and catchy melodies. After a couple of packed shows at the Paradise Rock Club, the result has been a buzz and a loyal, growing fan-base, which is beginning to extend beyond Boston. The band already has two national tours under their belt, including shows at N.Y.C.’s The Bitter End, Philly’s World Café Live, and Nashville’s The Basement. The future holds a lot for these boys and girl as their highly anticipated full-length album is on the way.

So what does it all sound like?... From the Beatles vision of song structure to the Velvet Underground's blind intensity. With a true love for song, The Grownup Noise delivers melody and lyrics while conducting subtle experiments on groove and arrangement. And though musicianship is abundant, it never strays into the vein, but remains poignant to the song. As goes the band's motto, " melody, melody, melody, groove, groove, melody. And maybe try to say something funny". Melodic bass lines combine with dangerous, yet merciful drumming and lift the delicate vocals, somewhat reminiscent of the iconic Yo La Tengo. Poetic, down to earth lyrics complete this original sound. The result: pop music, hold the cheese.