Stinking Lizaveta
Stinking Lizaveta Free flowing prog-jams that guide themselves towards charming melodies and grinding rhythms. - Rock Sound Magazine

Yanni Papadopoulos plays some of the nastiest prog-whang guitar since Robert Fripp... Ass kickery of the highest order. - Decibel Magazine

Born in the basements of West Philadelphia, and tempered by fifteen years of American and European tours, Stinking Lizaveta has built a reputation as one of indie metal's most progressive, unique, and devastating live acts. Whether it's the live performance, the physical recording or just their day to day lives, Stinking Lizaveta embodies their own brand of underground music philosophy.

The trio stands far apart from the plethora of instrumental post-rock /math-rock permeating the current indie music today. Like crazed Russian composer Alexander Scriabin artfully deconstructing and reconstructing melody, guitarist Yanni Papadopoulos' squealing / singing lines soar above brother Alexi Papadopoulos' churning electric upright bass. Drummer Cheshire Agusta holds it all together with a pounding that's one part Elvin Jones and another part John Bonham. Their sixth full length Sacrifice and Bliss captures all of these elements.

This time using the talents of Sanford Parker (Nachmystium, Yakuza, Minsk) for production, Sacrifice and Bliss shows a heavy rock trio at its absolute best. While Albini managed to best captured the live sound of Stinking Liz. on tape for Scream of the Iron Iconoclast, Parker manages to capture the first real studio sounding album for the band. If you're tired of the stale sludge that passes for modern metal, the sparkling crunch of Stinking Lizaveta's latest will restore your faith in rock!