Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer If we said that Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer was Philadelphia's most loved band, we'd be lying blatantly. They are however, the "kid brother" of almost every band in the area. They blend in seamlessly with the area hardcore, metal, and emo bands. The question becomes... Why?

How did they recently pull off a tour with Scatter The Ashes and Endicott? What is it about these kids that makes it so easy to hop across genres?

The answer, is that they're adorable. They're adorable looking, their music is adorable, even their album artwork is adorable. Their brand of sickly sweet pop is just over-the-top enough to make people smile and clap without warning. But it's not what's on the surface with Zolof that makes them a relevant artist, it's what's below. Layers of hidden musical brilliance in the form of guitar and keyboard solos, and lyrics that seem cute but have a twisted bend after the second listen, make Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer an addiction for many.

But most importantly, people admire their courage for diving in head-first to play shows with some of the most brutal hardcore and metal acts in the country. This band has guts. They tour relentlessly, they play any show that comes their way, and they smile and laugh in the process.

Zolof's first, self-titled album was released over four years ago on Wonka Vision / Break Even, and in 2002 they caught the attention of Eyeball Records releasing their well received full length "Jalopy Go Far". On "The Popsicle EP" past Zolof member and ex-Saosin frontman Anthony Green makes a writing and performing appearance on "This Was All A Bad Idea". Die-hard Zolof fans will be excited to hear his vocals and those of full time vocalist Rachel Minton play off of each other once again.

Starting Line frontman Kenny Vasoli also makes an appearance on the opening track "Argh...I'm A Pirate".

Keep an eye on those Zolof kids... they'll surprise you.

Vincent Ratti & Rachel Minton write the songs and play the guitars and most of the instruments. Tank plays the Drums.