Stonehouse 2014 marks Stonehouse's 10 year anniversary!! Can you believe it?? It was January of 2004 when we first got together and became a band. There are several stories to tell but the one of how we got our name seems apropos as any.

Our first gig was at a house party thrown by Roman's buddy, Steve, during the Cherry Fest in Whitehouse. We went out there as a nameless band, did our little instrumental thing, and had a nice time. People seemed to like it!

Luckily for us a friend of ours, Willy St. John, recorded the show on an old mini disc recorder. It turned out to be a great opportunity for us to make a demo and try to get some gigs around town. Unfortunately the mini disc had to be converted to a cd so our buddy had to send the recording to another friend, Pat Dunn, to do the conversion. He jotted down "Steve's House" on the mini disc and said he'd get back to us. We met up a week or so later at a rehearsal of ours. He had this nice little cd that had some cool artwork and the name "Stonehouse" on it. We said, "who the hell is Stonehouse"? With a strange look on his face he said..... You guys! It turns out Pat couldn't read the writing on the mini disc and misread "Steve's House" as "Stonehouse". We looked at each other and knew we had our name. Thank God for bad penmanship!!

Current Lineup:
Jon Roth / Guitar & Vocals
Roman Meyer / Guitar & Vocals
Jason Quick / Bass & Vocals
Bryan Quigley / Keyboards
Travis Aukerman / Drums
Greg Maynard / Lights

Past Members & Revolving Cast:
Alan Smith / Drums
Rob Menard / Bass
Josh Moninger / Bass
Kelsey Borkowski / Drums
Dan Napolski / Bass
Dan Jahns / Drums
Bryan Sigrist / Bass
John Rae / Drums
Vince Chiaverini / Bass
Dave Campagna / Lights