Days Away
Days Away Hermann Hesse once wrote, "Seriousness is an accident of time." While this was written a good forty years before any of the members of Days Away were born, you'd think it would be tattooed backwards on their foreheads after sharing a drink with them at of one of their shows. "We are five serious musicians harnassing years of disciplined musical training in order to throw a huge party every time we play live," says frontman/guitarist Keith Goodwin. "You can be serious about writing and performing music while maintaining the fun in it. It's real important to us to remember why we started doing all this in the first place," Goodwin says.

Days Away's sound changed drastically once keyboardist Tim Arnold switched to drums, solidifying a tight, drum and bass oriented rhythm section along with original bassist Chris Frangicetto. The addition of keyboardist Bryan Gulla upon writing their full length debut Mapping An Invisible World added more depth and layers to the already warm sound of Days Away. While recording the record, Keith claimed, "we didn't even know what our band would sound like... we're going to figure that out as we go... we're 20 years old damnit." The new musicianship along with the introspective and filler-free lyrics of Keith Goodwin struck a chord with curious listeners with ears eager for something new and refreshing.

It did not take long for the constant touring band from the Philadelphia area to win fans over with their energetic, tight live show. With the departure of original guitarist Matt Austin in August of 2005, Days Away stumbled upon an old friend in the deserts of northern Arizona, space cadet/guitarist, Jake "claims" Weiss. In a matter of days, the sound was rejuvenated with new energy and the band continues to tour, gain fans, and explore the progression of the Days Away sound.