Lindsey O'Brien Band
Lindsey O'Brien Band A mixture melding of a jazzy folk rock flavor, the Lindsey OBrien Band is far from an acquired taste. They will have you reminiscing of lost love or on the floor dancing the night away to an irresistible booty shaking groove. Lindsey O'Brien Band is the conglomeration of some of the best local musicians. The talent and chemistry of this band is evident upon the first listen. Although their music is quite technical, each member of the band plays his/her instrument with such mastery and confidence, that the live show is fun to watch and the sound is very accessible. The drummer (Pete Knudson) works together with the percussionist (Jake VanVonderen) to create a seamless beat, while the bass player (Ben Hockett) and acoustic guitar (Lindsey O'Brien) create the flow of each song. The lead guitar (P-mann) and saxophone (Dave Clapsaddle) share the spotlight while alternately soloing to give rise to the energy of every show. Beaming above all of this incredible music, is the limitless voice of Lindsey O'Brien, beautiful in its natural ease. Lindsey and the boys will give you a show to remember, between the music and the lyrics comes the chemistry of the band. With a closeness that makes onlookers curious, the show is pleasurable and stimulating. The Lindsey O'Brien Band offers a new and addicting taste to the music scene.