Big Water
Big Water Big Water is:

Robert Selvaggio – Singer/Songwriter, Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

A one man show, a trio of harmony or backed by his band, his home-grown original acoustic rock music is a gift of heart and soul. A grass roots blended mix of folk and country and r & b, Big Water intertwines beautiful melodies and grooving rhythms that express the joy, pain, truth and love of life.

Singer/Songwriter Robert Selvaggio began ‘Big Water’ as a one man band playing his original music in Lake Tahoe, CA in 1991. ‘Big Water’ originates from the Washoe Indian word "Tahoe", meaning ‘Lake of the Sky’ or ‘Big Water’ and was the residence and inspiration for this artist through the ‘90’s. Selvaggio realized his path in 1987, getting his first taste of performing in clubs and bars while living in Germany. With a background in classical choral singing, barbershop quartet and poetry, he began writing songs in 1988. After a few years of playing solo, Selvaggio adopted the name 'Big Water' based on his connection with the spirit and beauty of Lake Tahoe and his family roots to the Wyandot Indians of Ohio. Slowly, Big Water began adding band members one at a time. By 1996, Big Water had a full blown band and was voted ‘Best Local Rock Band’ by the local community in Lake Tahoe. But, change, trials and tribulations affect us all and Big Water began to scale down. Leaving the band sound behind, Big Water returned to his acoustic roots and became a duo with long time partner, Brandt David. Deciding on a name change and a move of home base from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco in 1999, Selvaggio’s pursuit of his dream and destiny pushed on.

Back to playing solo, Big Water has released his long coming first album entitled, "Look, Listen & Feel" on his own upstart Flower Power Records label in the Summer of 2001. In conjunction with this release, Big Water put together a three and a half month tour of Europe (Fall 2001), playing in Southern Germany, Austria, Holland, England, Scotland and North Wales. 2002 brought another year on the move; a quick trip in early Spring to London and Wales, some travel and gig time on the road in the US. and finally stopping to rest in his home state of Ohio. After two years at home hanging with family and working on a new recording project, 'Just a little Life on Earth', Big Water is working harder than ever to get his music and message out. With a new release in April 2005 and already getting airplay, get ready to ride the wave! Now in 2006, BW is on the move again playing solo and hooking up with other great musicians such as Honkytonk Homeslice, Railroad Earth and The Hot Buttered Rum String Band. Keep a lookout for this feel good artist who is spreading love and joy on the planet through his music!