Redemption Progressive power-metal band Redemption was formed in Los Angeles, California in late 2000 by guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter Nicolas van Dyk. Following a chance meeting at a live show in Hollywood, van Dyk became close friends with legendary vocalist Ray Alder (Fates Warning) and eventually collaborated on a song on Alder's first solo record with his band Engine. Van Dyk asked Alder to produce a CD of van Dyk's more progressive metal music, and the two of them assembled a group of players to record the project, including Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel, Engine) on guitar and Jason Rullo (Symphony X) on drums. Rick Mythiasin (Taraxacum / ex-Steel Prophet) signed on to be the vocalist for the project, and Alder along with Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder contributed guest performances. The band was signed to Sensory Records and released its self-titled debut in the summer of 2002.

The band quickly gathered a following in the progressive metal underground, and received rave reviews from the press, which recognized the band for its combination of intensity, fresh take on progressive metal, and keen sense of melody. The band was asked to perform at the Atlanta-based ProgPower festival, the most important progressive metal festival in the United States, in September 2002. Due to scheduling constraints, a different performing lineup was needed and van Dyk recruited drummer Chris Quirarte and bassist James Sherwood of southern California prog-metal act Prymary, along with vocalist Corey Brown (Magnitude 9). Alder also joined the band on stage as a guest performer.

The rhythm section of Quirarte and Sherwood provided a strong creative boost to the band and van Dyk invited them to join as full-time members shortly thereafter. Van Dyk set to work writing and recording the follow-up, and upon hearing the completed music, Alder asked to join the band as its full-time vocalist in the summer of 2004 (in addition to remaining the vocalist for Fates Warning and Engine). The band recorded its sophomore release, The Fullness of Time, and van Dyk selected Tommy Newton, known for his production work with such bands as Conception, Ark, Helloween and UFO, to mix and master the record.

The Fullness of Time -- which combined heaviness, complexity and irresistible melody and drew on such diverse influences as Kansas, Savatage, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Rush, Megadeth as well as classical music -- represented a major leap forward in songwriting, performances and production quality. It received extremely high marks around the world from the press and fans alike. In its month of release, Hard Rock France awarded it CD of the month...beating out Dream Theater's Octavarium. Notably, the Perpetual Motion online progressive metal community selected it as CD of the year for 2005, as well as choosing the song Sapphire, an epic progressive masterpiece, as song of the year. The Fullness of Time fulfilled its promise of being one of 2005's most unique and compelling offerings in the prog/power metal genre.

In eargly 2006, the band parted ways with Sherwood and introduced new bassist, Sean Andrews (formerly of Henning Pauly's Chain project). With a solidified line-up, van Dyk proceeded with the songwriting for the band's 3rd album, which was recorded during the spring/early summer back home in California. Producer Tommy Newton flew over to engineer the drums, and in Summer 2006 van Dyk once again travelled across the Atlantic to join Newton in Celle, Germany for the mixing of the album.

In September 2006, Redemption signed with Intromental Management for promotion of their albums, finding suitable labels for its upcoming release, and to handle live bookings.

In December 2006, Redemption signed a multi-album deal with Inside Out for the worldwide release of its new material. Inside Out is the worldwide leader in progressive metal, and Redemption looks forward to getting its music and live performances in front of audiences around the world.

In early 2007, the band will release its newest CD, The Origins of Ruin. Following in the footsteps of The Fullness of Time, the new CD continues the unique combination of high energy, aggressive prog power with strong melodies, and the production of Tommy Newton. Watch for this high-octane release next spring!

Band members
Ray Alder - Vocals
Nicolas van Dyk - Guitars, keyboards
Bernie Versailles - Guitars
Sean Andrews - Bass
Chris Quirarte - Drums