Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters The idea is that the Harry Potter from Year 7 and the Harry Potter from Year 4 started a rock band. And now, no one can stop the wizard rock.

Harry and the Potters stars:

Paul DeGeorge as Harry Year 7, Joe DeGeorge as Harry Year 4

Paul and Joe are brothers. They started this band in the summer of 2002. The legendary tale of their origin goes like this:

Joe was planning to have a rock show in the shed in the backyard. People had been invited. But then all the bands canceled. So that morning, the time was finally appropriate to bust out an idea that had been incubating in Paul's head for some time: Harry and the Potters. That morning, over the course of an hour, Paul and Joe wrote 7 songs. Then, they went out to the shed and practiced them for half an hour. And then, later in the day, they performed them for about 6 people. It was awesome. The place went nuts.

Nowadays, they don't just play in sheds, they also play in libraries, bookstores, basements, art galleries, theaters, hot dog jamborees (true story!), and living rooms.